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About Busybaby

Busybaby is a small family business founded by Denise a Mum of two little girls. As I began my journey as a mother I soon found myself questioning what was really in the products used by my babies, were they really safe? With so many children suffering from allergies, eczema and skin problems, I investigated mainstream baby products. It was frightening how many potentially harmful chemicals were deemed ok to use on babies on a daily basis.

Busy Baby is based upon the concepts of supplying eco baby essentials that:

  • Make parenting easier and save you money
  • Are safe and toxin free
  • Use natural and organic materials
  • Are sustainably and ethically made
  • Reduce waste and promote recycling where possible

With an easy to use and informative website that provides information on the brands, manufacturing and materials of each product. Making eco-consumerism easier for busy babies and busy people.

Busy Baby is young and both the goods and the website are evolving to our customers needs and preferences. Our customers feedback and ideas are important to us. Please feel free to contact us with feedback, requests or for assistance.

Thankyou for visiting and supporting Busy Baby