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Paddle Pants Grape by Seedling Baby

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Seedling Baby

Paddle Pants Grape by Seedling Baby

Seedling Baby

Product: Seedpp001

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A washable and very comfortable swim nappy that fits most babies from birth to 16kg.

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Paddle Pants are the result of 2 years research, design, creation and modification. Great for containing those smelly surprises with its close fitting twin leg gussets that come at the most inconvenient of times. With 3 rows of snaps to be resized comfortably as your baby grows.

A good washable OSFM swim nappy for your baby will not only reward you with savings and convenience whilst looking great on baby. It also saves so many disposable swim nappies being manufactured, packaged and going to landfill. A very useful gift for new parents

Author's note: Our swim centre in Sydney prohibited the use of disposable swim nappies after discovering that the fibres from disposable swim nappies were causing fliter blockages. It is not uncommon for aquatic centres to ban disposable swim nappies and to sell reusable alternatives at the front counter.

Set the nappy to the desired row height. Place nappy under baby and snap the sides to the front. This is similar to fastening a disposable nappy.

  • Check your baby every half hour. If the swim nappy is doing it's job, you won't know they've pooed unless you check!
  • Don't let your child swim if he/she has diarrhoea.
  • Swim nappies are not designed to absorb wee (if they did, they would also absorb pool water and your child would quickly sink) so allow your child plenty of toilet breaks.

Do not soak, place in a dry bucket until ready to wash, it is recommend not to leave dirty nappies more than two days. Dry on the line in sun if possible.

Never use bleach, fabric softeners, enzyme cleaners, vinegar or brighteners. These may ruin your nappies and will void all warranties.

Seedling Baby creates sustainable, affordable and stylish baby products that incorporate everyday practicality with a touch of class. Their nappies are designed right here in Australia and are constantly being tested and re viewed for durability, effectiveness and value for money. The Seedling Baby nappy range is inspired by their passion to promote a simple and natural way of life for all children. With 12 years combined experience in the cloth nappy industry, the Seedling Baby team provides you with a well-rounded and highly knowledgeable support service.

Seedling look forward to sharing their brand with you as they grow and continue to develop practical, innovative and sustainable baby care products.

Seedling Baby's nappies are manufactured ethically in China; and the fabric is sourced there. The seamstresses receive a fair wage and work in good conditions. The factory is family owned and run.