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Bedwetter Pants XSmall

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Bedwetter Pants XSmall

Made by Motherease

Product: ME-BWP-XS

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Super absorbent, totally leakproof, pull up bedwetter pants for the transition from nappies to pants at night-time.


These effective bedwetter pants are carefully designed with a 100% polyester waterproof outer barrier that looks and feels like cotton. A three layer cotton absorbent panel is partially attached at the waist front and back for quicker drying time and better washability.

For many children learning to go to the toilet at night can take years after transitioning to nappies. You will save thousands on pullups and night nappies with your bedwetter pants. In hotter climates the bedwetter pants can dry in 1 day however it is advisable to have 2 pairs for cooler or wet weather.

Available in plain white only. Absorbency approx. 600ml.

  • X Small: 13 - 18kg
  • Small: 18 - 25kg
  • Med: 25 - 30kg

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