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Wipes Mini Kit White Terry Cotton

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Cheeky Wipes

Wipes Mini Kit White Terry Cotton

Cheeky Wipes

Product: CWMNK

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A baby wipes system designed for existing cloth nappy users who already have a nappy bin/pail.


This is a mini wipes system based on 99% water and 1%% essential oil which is ideal for children with sensitive skin (including eczema and nappy rash). Each kit includes:

  • 25 cloth baby wipes (15x15cm square
  • fresh baby wipes container (19cm x19.5cm x9cm)– with single clip lid for easy one handed opening and closing.
  • fresh baby wipes out and about travel bag
  • 10ml bottle of fresh baby wipes essential oil blend
  • cheekywipes instruction booklet
The containers have flat stackable kids and air tights eals to keep the fresh wipes fresher for longer. The mini kit is designed to use with MCNs, simply add your mucky wipes with your dirty cloth nappies and wash together. For disposable nappy users you can add your dirty wipes to a dry bucket and run through a wash every 2 – 3 days.

Cheeky Wipes began in 2013: however Cheeky Wipes was first released in Australia in November 2011. They are a Brisbane based business, with an expanding group of stockists across Australia. Cheeky Wipes aims to provide women and children with products that are better for your health, good for the environment and to also save you money. Making a difference and creating a better future for today's children.

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