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Quick Dry Stay Dry Green Velcro Pocket Nappy

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Quick Dry Stay Dry Green Velcro Pocket Nappy

Made by Hippybottomus

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Stay Dry Quick Dry Pocket nappies with velcro fastners. A fast drying OSFM pocket nappy that will take a child from 3kg to 17kg in nappies. Winner of the Mother and Baby Reuseable Nappy of the Year Award 2013 and 2014.


The stay dry quick dry hippybottomus nappy lives up to its name with a layer of soft white bamboo fleece that stays dry against the skin by pulling moisture to into the insert.

The pocket design allows you to remove the inserts to speed up drying time or add inserts for extra absorbancy for night time use or as your baby grows.

The outer shell dries in 1-2 hours on a sunny day.

The Hippybottomus range offers excellent value for money in the pocket nappy range. You can purchase enough nappies and inserts to see one child through to toilet training for under $350.

This Stay Dry Quick Dry OSFM pocket nappy with velcro fasteners is discontinued. There is limited stock available.

Pocket Nappies are: Shaped like a disposable nappy or pilchers with an water resistant out layer, an inside soft layer fabric, such as suedecloth or microfleece , leaving a pocket in which absorbent inserts/boosters can be added.

OSFM - One Size Fits Most: will take most children from birth to toilet training (3kg – 17kg). The size is adjusted through a series of snapon buttons enabling it to be set in 3 to 4 different sizes. These are very cost effective when compared to sized or disposable nappies.

Please note OSFM’s tend to be quite bulky on small babies, particularly newborns.

It is recommended to use
  • 24 for a full time pack
  • 12 for a part time pack
  • 6 for Occasional use

Reuseable nappies do not require soaking or bleaching. Simply shake pooh off into the toilet and place in a dry bucket until ready to wash. It is recommend to:

  • Leave dirty nappies no more than 2 days
  • Run through a hot 60 degree wash although can be put through a hot or cold wash.
  • Dry nappies on the line in sun if possible and minimise dryer use