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Insulated Lunch Sack Robots

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Insulated Lunch Sack Robots


Product: FMELB02

Price $24.95

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Need something to carry your lunch? Try this strong, versatile lunch bag that is perfect to use for school, office or picnics.


Made from lightweight Neoprene that is a water based fabric that can be machine washed over and over again and not fall apart.

  • Spacious interior compartment.
  • Inside pocket for ice brick or utensils.
  • Soft handle for easy grip.
  • All water based adhesives.
  • No Chlorine, PVC & Lead Free.
  • No Formaldehyde.
  • BPA free and phthalate free
  • Insulates up to four – five hours (time varies depending on external temperatures).

Size: 20cm wide x 22cm H x 13 cm D

Machine wash cold. Drip dry.

Responsibly made in China.

4MyEarth products aim to help consumers reduce the use of plastic wraps and bags with high quality easy alternatives that are functional, practical and long lasting so that consumers can reduce their individual impact on our landfills with their everyday use of our range. For My Earth believes that our little everyday actions help make a difference and by swapping one disposable product for a reusable replacement we are all able to help reduce our impact.

All of their products are developed to meet the following requirements:
  • Ethically made- All manufactures have been sourced ensuring they are are aware of the importance of environment and work place conditions and no child labor.
  • Quality materials that will last you years not just a couple of months. Where possible incorporating the use biodegradable materials to reduce the impact on landfills.
  • Products must be functional and practical and easy to use for everybody from littlies to adults.
  • Reduce our environmental impact with reusable and where possible use of organic materials

For My Earth is now a thriving business which is growing daily and is now distributed worldwide with their product range continuously expanding with many new products and ideas that will help contribute to a better and cleaner earth.