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Multifit Pocket Nappy Pineapple by Seedling Baby

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Seedling Baby

Multifit Pocket Nappy Pineapple by Seedling Baby

Seedling Baby

Product: SEEDPNP

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A super comfy one-size-fits-most design with three sets of snaps that fit babies from birth through to toilet training.


Each pocket nappy comes with a soft breathable waterproof outer cover and two super absorbent bamboo boosters which can be used together or individually depending on your child's needs and the size setting of the nappy.

It includes a wider crotch that makes it easy to insert the boosters and the wider wings makes it a good fit for larger babies and toddlers. Seedling Baby pocket nappy has a comfortable elasticised waist and an ultra soft, suedecloth inner layer which which acts as a moisture barrier by pulling urine through to the absorbent boosters and away from the skin. The close fitting twin gussets prevent leakages, which are a big plus for Mum’s sanity. Plus, the new binding is soft jersey making it even more comfortable for little ones.

It is recommended to use:
  • 24 pocket nappies for full time use
  • 12 pocket nappies for a part time use
  • 6 pocket nappies for Occasional use
  • As the pocket shells dry quicker than the absorbant inserts, additional inserts can decrease the number of nappies or help during rainy poor drying weather.

Place nappy under baby and secure the snaps sides to the front. This is similar to fastening a disposable nappy.

Be careful to ensure there are no gaps and no part of the nappy is sticking out of the cover to prevent wicking.

Do not soak, place in a dry bucket until ready to wash, it is recommend not to leave dirty nappies more than two days. Dry on the line in sun if possible.

Seedling Baby creates sustainable, affordable and stylish baby products that incorporate everyday practicality with a touch of class. Their nappies are designed right here in Australia and are constantly being tested and re viewed for durability, effectiveness and value for money. The Seedling Baby nappy range is inspired by their passion to promote a simple and natural way of life for all children. With 12 years combined experience in the cloth nappy industry, the Seedling Baby team provides you with a well-rounded and highly knowledgeable support service.

Seedling look forward to sharing their brand with you as they grow and continue to develop practical, innovative and sustainable baby care products.

Seedling Baby's nappies are manufactured ethically in China; and the fabric is sourced there. The seamstresses receive a fair wage and work in good conditions. The factory is family owned and run.