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Purple Owl Lunch Package Full 350ml

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Purple Owl Lunch Package Full 350ml

Made by EcoSqueezies


Price $79.95

In Stock

BasicFull 350mlFull 500ml
Bunny Yes, we have some Yes, we have some
Cubby Yes, we have some Yes, we have some
Penguin Yes, we have some Yes, we have some
Purple Owl Yes, we have some This is the current item shown
White Owl Yes, we have some Yes, we have some

Perfect for preschool and the first school years with the animal themed packs, cute leakproof insulated drink bottle designs and child friendly closures.


A high quality, practical and super tough lunch package with designs kids love. The squeezies and food pouches allows your child to have their sip and crunch, recess and lunch packed separately whilst keeping their food and drinks hot or cold. The double walled drink bottle can keep water surprisingly ice cold on the hottest of days.

Basic Package Includes:
  • 1 x Insulated animal themed soft lunchpack.
  • 1 x fabric reusable sandwich bag/wrap.
  • 1 x fabric reusable snack bag.
  • 3 x EcoSqueezies 100ml reusable food pouches
  • 3 x EcoSqueezies 200ml reusable food pouches.
Additional items in Full Package
  • 1 x 350ml or 500ml Stainless steel double walled insulated leakproof drink bottle. With an extra $5 cost for the 500ml bottle.
  • 1 x free bottle cuddler with screw top lid and caribeana

Lunchbags, sandwich bags and drinkbottle designs can be swapped with different designs by request pending stock availability. Simply note your preferences in the delivery notes.

The lunchbag fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Amazingly the drink bottles are made from 50% recycled materials and are recyclable. The sandwich and snack bags and ecosqueezies replace single use plastic items. Conveniently flattening unlike hard plastic containers, taking up very little valuable cupboard space. This also promotes healthier lifestyle by promoting use of homemade food and less toxic materials in packaging and packaged snack foods.

Full package retail value is over $100 save up to $30