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Sandys Unbleached XSmall Fitted Nappy

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Sandys Unbleached XSmall Fitted Nappy

Made by Motherease

Product: ME-SS-XS-U

Price $16.50

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LargeSmallXL ToddlereaseXsmall
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Fitted sized nappies made from motherease special soft stretchy terry fabric. Roomy and comfortable and very absorbant.
Cover Required


Our Sandy's Nappy comes in four sizes: Xsmall for smaller (or premmie) babies, Small for newborns, Large for older babies and Xlarge (toddlerease) for bigger kids. These nappies are made from our special soft stretchy terry fabric and have a double layer of absorbent fabric sewn to the inside of the nappy. The fit of the nappy is roomy and comfortable - like a little pair of pants. Elastic at the waist front and back as well as the leg openings, together with the snap closures at the sides create an ultra-reliable, easy to use and beautifully fitting garment

Sandy's nappies require a cover and designed for the rikki or airflow covers. The cover does not need to be washed with every change. As a result less covers than nappies are required. The XSmall Sandy's is designed specifically for a custom fit on newborns (2.75-5.5 kg). This nappy should be used with the XSmall Rikki or XSmall Air-flow cover. No absorbent liners are available for this nappy as extra absorbency should not be needed.

The Large Sandy's is one of the most absorbent nappies ever. When used together with our Sandy's Boosters it makes an excellent nighttime nappy.

Mother-ease is one of the most established and trusted brands of modern nappies in the world. Manufactured in Canada from custom made fabrics, Mother-ease products offer the ideal choice for environmentally, health and cost conscious parents. Mother-ease nappies are available in a variety of different styles, sizes, fastenings and fabrics. There really is a Mother-ease solution to fit every cloth nappy need!