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Luxury Bamboo Flat Nappy Small

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Luxury Bamboo Flat Nappy Small

Made by Bumboo

Product: BMB007

Price $11.95

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Bamboo terry squares that can be folded into shape with a cover to fit your baby snugly from birth through to toilet training.


Manufactured from the finest custom milled silky soft double sided bamboo terry fabric, your child will experience the ultimate in comfort when wearing their bamboo flat nappy. They are a reusable, easy to wash, ecologically sound and cost effective nappy option. Bamboo flat nappies are up to 80% more absorbent than standard cloth nappies.

Doubles as an absorbent insert for pocket nappies, change mat, burp cloth.

  • Small 50 x 50cm 3-8kg – ideal for newborn babies and can used later folded in a cover or pocket nappy insert.
  • Medium 60 x 60cm 3-15kg - 0-2 years Great all round nappy from birth to toilet training.
  • Large 75 x 75cm 10-18kg 1-3 years Great for large babies and toddlers.

It is recommended to use:
  • 24 for a full itme pack and 6+ appropriately sized nappy covers
  • 12 for a part time pack and 3+ appropriately sized nappy covers
  • 6 for Occasional use and 2+ appropriately sized nappy covers

Reuseable nappies do not require soaking or bleaching. Simply shake soiled material into the toilet and place in a dry bucket until ready to wash.

It is recommend to:
  • Leave dirty nappies no more than 2 days
  • Run through a hot 60 degree wash although can be put through a hot or cold wash.
  • Dry nappies on the line in sun if possible and minimise dryer use