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Wool Silk Nursing Pads

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Imse Vimse

Wool Silk Nursing Pads

Imse Vimse

Product: IVNPWS

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Made of 100% wool/silk these nursing inserts are particularly comfortable for extra sensitive breasts.


The Imse Vimse wool silk nursing inserts protect your breasts; absorb leaking milk and at the same time keep your breasts dry and warm and allowing your skin to breathe. By keeping your breasts warm they help to prevent blocked milk ducts. The nursing pads are made of two layers of merino wool and one layer of silk tricot. This makes them soft and pliable for a perfect fit inside a nursing bra. They are particularly comfortable for sensitive breasts or if your nipples easily become tender and chafed. The soft, silk fabric feels extra smooth against your skin.

Package Includes: 1 pairs of 10cm breast pads per pack.

This product is made in Europe.

ImseVimse was founded in 1988 and is based in the Swedish city of Visby. They provide healthy textile products for women and children with the aim to be the most environmentally friendly company in the industry. It began on a small scale and grew from a need that arose when Marie Walleberg’s (founder of Imse Vimse) daughter developed contact eczema from wearing disposable diapers. The problem disappeared when she wore cloth diapers.

Imse Vimse source high-quality materials from around the world, using organically cultivated cotton to be certain of offering pure products. Production takes place mainly in Europe, primarily in Latvia, but also in Turkey, among others. Strict demands are imposed on suppliers and manufacturers, and annual checks are carried out on the conditions in their factories. Many of ImseVimse products are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, class 1 for baby 0-3 years. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile products at all stages of production. OEKO-TEX® covers the production processes itself and includes the finishing. It certifies all types of fabrics but also includes thread, press buttons, elastics, labels etc. Products that fulfill these requirements have an OEKO-TEX® sticker on the backside with ImseVimse certification number SE 12-208. Imse Vimse believe it is important to consider every environmental aspect and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.